Monday, October 22, 2007


Ok a few things that are really vexing me about not being at home, one is the lack of knowledge of sports here among the locals and the other is the blindless love of Yao Ming (he's busted too). Unless I want to talk about the NBA mainly the Houston Rockets (yawn!!) I can't talk sports with anyone. Nobody to say holy shit did you see that play or I can't believe that LSU pulled it out. Or how much do you hate the Yankees/Red Sox? None of this is possible here. Because of that, I have now taken up Badminton you heard right, that beast of country club lawn sports. If anything it is because I love to beat the locals at the sports they love to play. They look at me and say wow I didn't know you knew how to tie your own shoes you uncivilized westerner. Also I love talking shit to them (they don't know what I am saying) because if you go to a basketball court I have never heard a quieter place in my life. It's great because they are really reserved, I love to play up the crazy American stereotype.

On another note my video I posted for my brothers birthday has gotten a comment from someone named Geesus, I have no idea who that is and it is pretty sick. I am pumped that people are actually reading my drunken rants, pretty crazy really.

P.S. that video is of my Freshman students they are so enthusiastic it scares me!!

That's all for now, I'll keep more coming I promise.

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