Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun With Mice

My brother sent me a link to this Engadget article about some benches in the Shenzhen subway that are giant keyboard keys. This reminded me of these mice that I saw in Xiamen while I was visiting last January.

I sent it into engadget and low and behold they put it up. Which I think is pretty cool in a totally narcissistic sort of way :). Next thing I know my picture is being featured on Swedish public radio, with a photo credit. The text translates in google as:
You are on vacation, but what direction you look you see things like the job. Hard. Thought then that IT-intensive office rat encounter this on the beach. Tougher. Or, quite funny. It is Riley Gelwicks who have found the large concrete mice during their stay in China.

I wouldn't call it my 15 minutes of fame, but certainly put a little smile on my face.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Time No See 好久不见了

Small update on my life after nearly seven months without posting, I'm now in Beijing working and living. I love it and would say that only miss Longhu when I ache for the "real" China, the one that you read about in travel guides. Beijing is so modern and westernized that nobody really stares at me or really cares that I'm in their vicinity. I've lost the pseudo celebrity status that I loved to hate in Zhengzhou. I'll try to keep this updated a little more sorry about the lack of effort on my part.