Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Update on MSG

(This counts as the first post for the week the last post was just an admission of guilt)

So I needed to buy salt for cooking. Pretty simple right, I mean salt is salt however when all of the minerals are in clear plastic bags on a shelf and you have no idea what the character in Chinese means it can be pretty daunting. So I went online and found the character for salt (yan, 盐). Perfect I thought the mission is now set and I will be able to go get some salt. I go to the store find the shelf and grab what looks like salt it has the character on it and everything. I get home and just to make sure I was correct decide to taste it.

Low and behold, what I had bought is not salt and it tastes nothing like salt. I couldn't believe it the thing said 盐(salt) so why didn't it taste like salt.

After further inspection of the packaging I found that next to salt was a mysterious character (无) what was this about? I went online again and found that this meant wu or (not). So on the packaging it literally said wu yan (无盐) or not salt. Great what is this crap then. I find the characters look it up and what had I bought you guessed it MSG.

So I can say that I have bought crystalline MSG and now have a lifetime supply of the stuff.

Peace and Love



Rob G. said...

that is hilarious.

Patrick said...

I remember there was this old crappy Chinese restaurant just north of Oakland on Federal (next to Pure Platinum, coincidently...) that must have had a thirty foot billboard proclaiming its food to be free of MSG. Growing up I always wondered who the hell would put MSG in their food if it was so bad.

Thanks for letting me know man....crazy commies

Frank said...

Wow... I actually laughed out loud from that. Hard. "Not Salt". Hahaha