Saturday, December 15, 2007

Red Pajamas

While on the topic of superstition, I thought I would mention a funny one that my students told me about. Apparently nobody here where's red pajamas, I didn't believe it either but just like green hats they are impossible to find. There is a supersition that says if you die wearing red clothes at midnight that your soul will be stuck in this world forever. That you will haunt where ever it is that you die.

Strangely enough they sell an insane amount of red underwear, while I consider underwear ,clothes they are not included in this superstition because you are supposed to wear red underwear when it is your zodiac calendar year. So because I was born in the year of the pig (this year) I have gone out and bought a nice pair of red undies for good luck.

Crazy Chinese

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Brast said...

Ordinarily, i wouldnt buy a red pj, except maybe a lovely satin nitey for specific nights with my significant other, or for specific evening events like the pj parties we have on the last weekend of every 30-day month etc.
You dont seem to like me much Mr. Riley, may i ask why?