Monday, August 25, 2008

Back and Forth

I finished my first year in China and went home back to Fort Lauderdale. It was amazing how quickly I fell back into life in the States, it took me about 12 hours to get over the fact that I was back in America. Maybe it's because I went home and knew the area so well, or maybe it's because I'm American and felt comfortable in the US, either way it was strange to me that I fell back into my routine after being gone for 10 months. I worked for about a month at a Law firm and realized that I really don't enjoy working in an office, it's just too confining.

I'm not gonna lie I definitely thought about not coming back, about just staying where it's easy and comfortable, but I felt for my sake I needed to come back and try to learn as much Chinese as possible. Once I bought the ticket I felt a little at ease and almost excited to come back, I guess my life for now is here in China.

I plan on staying in Longhu for only another semester, leaving at the beginning of January and then plan on going to Beijing or Taipei. I think living in the big city will help with being a foreigner, as there will be a bigger expat community. Overall all is well back in the HU as we call it and I will be updating once again.

Here is the new google earth satellite view of where I am living It is the big White building in the middle of the frame. That is the foreign teachers apartments, if you zoom out you can see the rest of the school. Zoom a little more out and click the map button to see where I am in relation to Zhengzhou and then a little more out to see where Zhengzhou is in relation to Beijing. I always like to know where someone is.
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That's all for now until we meet again.

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