Sunday, August 19, 2007


Stress is a powerful force on the human body. I woke up this morning less than 24 hours before I leave for the other side of the earth and I literally have what I guess was a panic attack. I couldn't think straight, had shortness of breath, even had some tightness in my chest. So I guess you could figure that it is normal to be nervous before a trip like this, and I knew that but I couldn't logically calm myself down. I kept thinking "what the fuck are you doing?", "are you crazy?" then I told myself you didn't come to this decision overnight so chill out everything is going to be ok. So here I sit t-6 hours before I dip. I am still really nervous but excited at the same time and don't plan on sleeping tonight (hopefully that'll help me with the 15 hour!!! flight to Seoul). I think it is cool I'll be in Korea for a bit, then on to Beijing where I have to find 14 hours to kill. And then on to Zhengzhou. I am prepared for it to be a little rough as far as civilization goes, hopefully I have imagined it worse that it will be. Anyway that's it for now I'll try to update this a lot I don't think it will be that big of a deal.

Peace Out, and I will miss you all.


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Ryan said...

haha, ye i know the feeling. only i was just like 1500 miles up the east coast, not fuckin china! anyways i hope things are awesome over there, and id appreciate an update on the asian women. DC is pretty sick by the way