Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have seen Dennis Rodman sing James Brown in Person

So I am going to start this little Journal or whatever you want to call it with the most recent of my observations at Dicey Riley's in Fort Lauderdale. After leaving work at a decent time 11:30pm (good by melting pot standards) I decided to spend my 2nd to last friday in the states out with some friends. I meet up with them at Brick (it was kind of boring) and bar hop to San Loco get the best tacos in town, while igor decides to run out on his bill, and then we moved on to Dicey Riley's. Which was packed, I mean sardine packed why I couldn't figure out. They had some live band playing with a tall ass singer who happened to be black. He was so tall in fact that I couldn't see his face because the top of the bar was in the way. Next thing I know I can't believe my eyes and I see dennis rodman singing James Brown at an Irish Pub in Fort Lauderdale. Surprisingly he wasn't even all that bad, even claiming he that he was famous enough to still get a ton of ass. So that is pretty much it, trying out this blogger thing. Signing out.


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