Sunday, March 23, 2008


Also put a new graphic up of Shanghai, I took this in January, and spliced 5 images together, I think it looks pretty cool myself.


Vladi said...

hey man, just wanted to thank you for the always original and updated blog entries. i mean this one was nothing like:

Grading Papers
So I have graded 80 papers on "My First day of School" and have a new found respect for teachers. It is like the most boring thing I have ever had to do. I appreciate all of my teachers that I have ever had because this sucks."

No, you came original, brought down the thunder and kept hundreds, nay thousands entertained with you anecdotal descriptions....what's next in the turbulence which is gelwicks? i'll tune in every day to see if you mistakenly bought "coca cola" instead of "diet coke" or walrus instead of dog. Hilarity will ensue undoubtedly.

get your head in the game and start writing about gang wars and dyslexia rates in china - you know, the shit everyone wants to hear about

ryan said...

haha, vladi made a post at 4:20 am