Saturday, October 4, 2008

Soy Sauce

Last night we went out to dinner with some students and happened to order fried rice with dinner. Fried rice is typically seen as a snack food, not normally ordered at dinner (not fancy enough).
When the rice came, I asked if one of the students could ask the waiter if they could bring me some soy sauce. Soy sauce is only used to cook with and add color and a bit of flavor, not doused on the rice like we do in the west. But I happen to think that fried rice with soy sauce is great.

The student looked at me like I was crazy but he did it anyway and came back with a liter-sized bottle of soy sauce and watched as I drizzled it on (amazed). I told him and the other student to try it, they were hesitant at first but once all of the other foreign teachers started to do the same thing they acquiesced and gave it the ol' college try. Within the first bite both of them were like wow, this is really good, you could see in their eyes "a little blowing of the mind".

And we have done our best to convert some of the country folk.


Daniel said...

I'll have to smuggle you in a copy.

Anonymous said...

seriously, a soy sauce story? tell us about them Chinese Sluts you've been having your way with! Go BUFFALO!!