Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun With Mice

My brother sent me a link to this Engadget article about some benches in the Shenzhen subway that are giant keyboard keys. This reminded me of these mice that I saw in Xiamen while I was visiting last January.

I sent it into engadget and low and behold they put it up. Which I think is pretty cool in a totally narcissistic sort of way :). Next thing I know my picture is being featured on Swedish public radio, with a photo credit. The text translates in google as:
You are on vacation, but what direction you look you see things like the job. Hard. Thought then that IT-intensive office rat encounter this on the beach. Tougher. Or, quite funny. It is Riley Gelwicks who have found the large concrete mice during their stay in China.

I wouldn't call it my 15 minutes of fame, but certainly put a little smile on my face.

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