Friday, February 19, 2010

Worklife ver. 2.0

I work for a website, so we must be progressive no? A hip company of shaggy haired people trying to change the world or some garbage like that. But the truth is that it's a strange mix of cultures (Chinese, Korean, and a slight mix of expat). So we have some strange workplace culture.

The layout of my office is basically 4 rows of chest high semi-cubicle desks. With about 5 people in each row. Basically small enough that you could stand up and hit anyone in the office with a piece of paper (or rock depending on the mood of the day).

What's bizarre is the predominant method of communication. It's entirely via MSN, I've had whole conversations with people sitting 4 feet from my desk, online. I hate it but apparently it's the way we operate here. Just one of those things I guess.


Philipp von Plato said...

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Karla Held said...

I'm a photographer living in Zhengzhou. Would be interested to be in touch with you re: my photography.